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Catching Light Marilyn Ivy.jpg

Artist statement

Over the course of my painting career, I have worked in different styles with a variety of subjects ranging from hard edge abstractions to representational landscapes and figures. After painting landscapes inspired by travels here and abroad, I focused on figures during my graduate study. A trip to Japan changed my direction, and for a while I painted with the Japanese aesthetic in mind. 


In the middle of an Impressionist exhibit several years ago someone said a museum should exhibit Pissarro's many urban scenes as The Street Where I Live.  I am deeply rooted in the 100-year-old house where I grew up. I thought I could do just that, because my life revolves around the street where I live. It's a humble idea.  Family albums of black and white photos show the houses you see in Catching Light, above, little changed over the years. But the sky changes every day. My goal is to help people see beyond the ordinary, because the sky is always extraordinary.

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